Skull Appreciation Day 2016- Death Warmed Up


First things first, this is my artistic project for today. His name is "Death Warmed Up."

When I was first reminded about Skull Appreciation Day, I first thought of Death. A character who is depicted as this evil being that drags darkness around every where he goes. The next thing that I thought about was cold weather. I HATE being cold. I live in a place where it is cold most of the year and at some points it drives me crazy. The next step was the saying "Death warmed up". I had a friend that always used to say "Girl, I walked out of the house looking like death warmed up." I always thought that was a funny thing to say. So that's what I went for. A lighter and funnier version of our cold character Death.

I took an old canvas and started cutting the yarn the length of the canvas. Side thought....I always buy yarn to use in these amazing crochet project I find online. I start these projects and about half an hour later I am reminded why I don't have these beautiful scarves I can wear in the cold....I do not have the patients for yarn crafts. It's just not a thing that I have a good grip on.

I then spent way longer than I wanted to, sticking them on in a straight, orderly fashion. You know the well places kind of chaotic, artistic type of orderly fashion.

I chose to do a cartoon-ish skull to represent death in my painting. I wanted to go for a lighter side of this Grimm guy. I then gave my skeleton/death guy a sweater....cause its quirky and I love sweaters. Through hours and hours of yarn and painting and even more dry time I ended with this wonderful ending mix media piece. This is one of my favorite pieces to date!!!

I hope you guys like it, I really enjoyed making this. If you scroll down you can see the blog roll and a comment box if you have any CC or questions! Please be sure to continue going through the blog roll and check out all the other great art work. Thanks!!

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